Cataracts and Surgical Treatment:

The eye is like a camera - it has a lens at the front and a film at the back. A cataract is a hazy lens and the lens sits in a bag behind the iris (or coloured part of the eye).

The operation is performed as a day case procedure. The pupil is dilated with drops, then the eye is put to sleep (anaesthetised). A small incision is made at the side of the eye. The lens (cataract) is removed from the bag through the dilated pupil. A new folding intraocular lens (IOL) is then inserted, which unfolds inside the bag.

Many different types of IOL’s are available for vision correction, such as astigmatism, and for near, intermediate and distance focus. Dr Hagen will discuss these options at your consultation.

RANZCO Cataract Surgery information